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AMP One Size Duo Diaper Review

I didn’t have the time to do a review of the diaper so I sent a diaper and inserts to Kim of . Her review is below though I did want to add a few things since I used it on my son and he is not a chubby baby.   I find it is one of the few one size […]

Bouncy Little Thing

We had never used a soother for the other children, but little H number 3 seems to like it and can keep one in his mouth which the others didn’t. So pacifier debate aside, we have decided to use a pacifer even though I was quite reluctant with the other children. We have different soothers […]

People are raving about these nuts

Soap nuts that is. These are the coolest little things. They are a natural, environmentally friendly, sustainably produced, bio-degradable and compostable cleaner. Try saying that in one breath! They are the dried fruit of Ritha tree and contain saponin, which is what causes it to be an excellent cleaner when used with water. I have […]