Back to school a little greener

As I join in the frenzy of getting my daughters ready to go back to school, I thought of ways of being more eco-friendly this time around.  I quickly prompted our Facebook page for ideas and received some great suggestions.  I’m  happy to share some of them with you.


1. Shop consignment stores for back to school clothing

2. Consider all natural, environmentally friendly arts supplies such as crayons, paints and using recycled paper


3. Litterless lunches – find out if your child’s school is participating in a litterless lunch program.  If they aren’t, go ahead and take the intiative in bringing your school on board.

4. Reusable everything! Snack bags, drinking bottles, cloth napkins, utensils, cloth sandwich bags.

5. Conserve on packaging and energy used in food prep, by making extra at dinner to be used for lunches.


6.  If your child is not on a bus, walk or ride your bike to school.


7. Reuse some of your child’s paintings and crafts to cover school text books or frame them and use as artwork for their bedrooms

A few more ideas

8. Suggest that your child’s school use email newsletters instead of making endless photocopies.

9. Use whiteboards for homework exercises instead of paper when possible.

If back to school means back to work

10. Look for a daycare that encourages cloth diapers

So many of these ideas are easy to implement and also happen to be pretty cost effective, so it’s a win win all around.




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