What’s in your diaper bag?

Sometimes people think you can’t go out with a baby in cloth diapers and need to put on a disposable when you head to the mall or visit grandma.  Others believe your diaper bag has airplane carry-on size.  By all means, you can do that if you want but you don’t have to.

Here is what is in my diaper bag.

-  A change of clothes – usually a sleeper since that will always work

-  2 – 3 cloth diapers.  Choose some that are easy to use.  If using pockets make sure they are already stuffed and ready to use.

-  3-5 cloth wipes.   I just fold them in half and stuff them in the bag

- I use a Peri-bottle filled with wipes solution.  You can use wipes cubes to make your solution, which is very inexpensive and easy to use or you can make your own.

- a small wet bag, I actually like the Gro Baby wet bag for short outings

- a small, flat fold up change pad or just a receiving blanket if I can’t find one that day

- A small container of diaper cream just in case and a little toy for the baby (I’ll admit that Bum Bum Balm is a favorite of mine, natural ingredients, zinc-free and safe for cloth diapers)

and that’s it… I just use a normal size diaper bag or large handbag and I usually throw in a magazine for myself just in case I may one day have time to read it.

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