AMP One Size Duo Diaper Review

I didn’t have the time to do a review of the diaper so I sent a diaper and inserts to Kim of . Her review is below though I did want to add a few things since I used it on my son and he is not a chubby baby.   I find it is one of the few one size diapers that will fit thinner babies well because of all the elastic gathering around the legs.  I also wanted to make a comment about the inserts.  The inserts are not square but rather a rectangle shape which means that if you fold them one way they will be longer and if you fold them the other way, they will be shorter.  So if you are finding them long you can try folding them the other way it may help.  We have been very pleased with these, the quality is great, the concept is simple and it stays looking nice even after many washes.

Enjoy the review and let us know about your experience with the AMP.

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